Shopafor is the first and only social network gifting platform dedicated to helping family find a perfect gift for any occasion.

The platform uses AI to understand the needs and wants of the gift recipient and to create a unique algorithm that significantly increases a gift giver's likelihood of buying a perfect gift.
The key task within this project was making superior gift buying management. It was also necessary to do such important features as instant setting updates, gift suggestions, social networking, gift registry & list. Consistency across platforms was the main goal.
The client achieved the desired effect by getting an intuitive and functional service to bring together non-limited family members and friends that don’t interact every day.
This mobile app was developed as a companion app for the users who enjoy Shopafor's features.
Among key tasks, Wadoo. experts worked on the creation of a user friendly and informative landing page, researching the architecture and laying out in the way which is comprehensible for a user was the main goal. This is a complete system for donors, experts and families.
Integration of various user flows, user onboarding and personalization, creation of a gift registry and integration of the direct buying feature were successfully achieved. This is especially effective for non-limited family members and friends that don't interact every day.