What we do —

Do research, use the methods of ideation, and develop a business strategy.
What is Discover?
Diving deeply into your vision.
The right message engages your audience, sets your brand apart and helps you achieve your goals. We're experts in crafting websites that drive results, have personality and are beautifully designed. We work with you, solving existing problems, uncovering new opportunities and helping you tell your story in a way that's authentic.

Wadoo mates aren't guided by assumptions, we rely on facts. We conduct user experience research to improve our understanding of target audience and validate our decisions in a design process. We provide UX research along with design or as a separate service.

There are several UX Research methods in our pocket.

After a kick-off conversation with a partner, we proceed to due diligence
Interviews with users and stakeholders
We don't make assumptions about what users and partners need. We ask questions and get the answers.

Competitive Audit
Work on competitors' bugs saves our time by preventing us from making our own.

SWOT Analysis and Business Research
We hold analytical sessions to go deeper into the product and grasp partner's ways of thinking.

User Personas and User Journeys
Based on information analysis, we create user personas and test them in different user cases and scenarios.

Eye / Click / Scroll Tracking
This UX Research method helps us understand what is really important for users and shows us how to correct user cases and scenarios.

Project Architecture
Whether it's a site or a physical object, it consists of details and mechanisms that connect them. To understand the structure, we make mind maps.
Metrics Analysis
Google Analytics and other analytics tools enable us to rely on real data rather than on assumptions.

Usability Testing
When working on an already running product, we test it on real users before proceeding to UX analysis.

Sketches, Wireframes & User Interface Prototyping
For the rapid development of the structure and individual elements of the product, we make schematic notes of hypotheses without pictures and illustrations.

Brainstorming Sessions
This method is similar to SWOT analysis and can be performed either with or without a partner's participation.

Jobs-to-be-Done Methodology
This is an alternative method to user personas and user journeys when working on small project subtasks or small project tasks.

What we do —

Defining your story to inspire action
What is Identity?
It's like your business got a face.
Every application and website must reflect brand identity. Does your business have a face? Is it modern? Houston, it looks like we have a slight problem here...

Creating a brand is like breathing soul into a body. You want to tell a story. You want to build attachment. You want people to fall in love with you. A good brand understands that. But a great brand delivers it - hard. Lucky for you, that's exactly what we do.

We provide branding design linked to an app or web development. We help startups, which are just about to launch, to declare who they are and what they stand for. If your business has grown and its identity doesn't fit the current state of the market anymore, we can help you out with the revamping as well.

A corporate identity design includes:

  • Research on the history of your brand
  • Visual concepts
  • Memorable logo
  • Powerful typography
  • Attractive color palette
  • On-brand supporting graphics
  • Examples of how the logo will perform in different situations
Brand Development
We help you discover and build a solid foundation where your brand can develop a cohesive strategy for the finer details to fall in place.

– Goals
– Brand positioning
– User persona research
– Mission and vision

Brand Identity
It's not what you sell, it's who you are. We help you create and establish your brand's personality – the inanimate person everyone wants to know.

– Logo design
– Typography/Font
– Iconography
– Illustrations/Imageries
– Colour Scheme
Brand Message
"That's so me!" - your customer. Yup. We help you figure out all the right things to say and how to say them.

– Main messaging
– Tone and voice
– Slogan and tagline

What we do —

Human-centered designs that thinks for you
What is Design?
More than just making things look pretty.
Designing for humans may sound like a no-brainer. But it takes deep understanding of the inner workings of our mind to motivate real action - action powered by our subconscious. Before starting a design process, we conduct interviews with stakeholders and potential users of the digital product we work on. Once we have identified the user's mental model, we are ready to come up with several visual concepts.

We are convinced that having one option is never enough. To make an effective decision you have to have a choice of concepts. After the decision is made, all screens and visualization of elements are designed in line with the selected concept.

If you want to highlight the uniqueness of your brand, we can also provide customized content for the user interface of your project. Behind every illustration, animation, and video that Wadoo puts into digital products is a team of talented illustrators, motion designers, and animators.
Interaction Design
Form follows function. Solution marrying aesthetics. We help you design beautiful intuitive experiences through the use of UI/UX principles.

– Website Design
– Visual Design
– Style Guide
– Responsibility Design

Graphic Design
People are more likely to trust something that looks good. I mean, you're reading this far because of that same reason. Right? Right.

– Digital Graphics
– Print Designs
– Custom Illustrations
Mobile App Development
We will integrate seamlessly into your project to create high performing and feature-packed apps for iOS and Android.
Motion Design
What's better than pictures? Moving pictures. We can help you take your experiences up a notch with more "Ooo's" and "Aah's" using simple animations.

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